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Table Tipping Workshop

Tickets may be purchased here in advance or at the festival admissions table. 

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Spiritual Table Tipping
Workshop with Alice King

1:00 - 2:30   $20.00 ticket required

Spiritual Table Tipping is a means of communicating with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Loved Ones, and pets who have passed on. It is very powerful and very healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

At a Table Tipping Session, the Spirit's energy comes through the table and answers your questions by tipping the table, once for "yes" and twice for no to answer your question. You can learn what your soul's plan is, areas that you are stuck and why; how to gain the most out of your relationships, career, and health, how your deceased family member or pets are doing, and what they are doing on the other side for their own soul development.

(Alice tries to have all attendees experience Spirit through the table, however depending on attendance, not everyone will be guaranteed a reading.)