Energize your life,  
Rejuvenate your Spirit.

Mind Body Spirit Festivals - 2023

Belfast - September 30    10:00-4:00 
                  University of Maine Hutchinson Center

Freeport - October 8   10:00-4:00
                    Hilton Garden Inn 

Fairfield - October 29     10:00-4:00   
                   Fairfield Community

Reiki      Massage      Meditation      Energy Healing
Sound Therapy       Crystals, Gems and Jewelry           
Past Lives      Medical Intuitive     Akashic Records Mediums & Psychics     Animal Communication  Spiritual Table Tipping      Spiritual Artwork Metaphysical Supplies & Books     Workshops 
Fairy Hair Sparkles     Essential Oils    Organic Products

Business Hours

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Monday - Friday


Saturday - Sunday


Mind Body Spirit Festivals
c/o The BEST Connection 
P.O. Box 2736
Waterville, ME 04903


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